What some of my happy clients say about our encounters...

If you are reading this then you are a man of discerning taste and you’ve found the perfect companion in Holly.

From the moment you first see Holly, you will be pleased and intrigued at the same time. Her beauty is captivating as she greets you with a warm smile, welcoming sparkling blue eyes and elegantly dressed in a way that presents the silhouette of her toned yet curvy body.

Hollys nature and openness in conversation will completely relax you. Allow her to get to know you and she will respond by making the experience special to your desires with total fulfilment.

If you want a spiritual, passionate and physical experience with a beautiful and intellectually stimulating courtesan, Holly is uniquely the best there is. She has an ability to see something special in you that separates you from everyone else. You’ll be amazed at how special you are and how Holly treats you in response.

From highly intelligent conversation, to Holly lightly running her hands over your body and using her soft lips on your skin to create that rush of blood you desire. She will lead you the bedroom where she will reveal her naked beauty, her elegant neck line, aroused nipples, toned stomach, curved hips, a perfect peach and soft inner thighs, just to name a few features the is beauty defined. As she beckons you to the bed she will take you on an exploration of sensual awaking. As she passionately kisses you and stares adoringly into your eyes as you move together, you will get lost in her world and only have a thirst for more as she moans in the pleasure that is purely you.

Utterly the best girlfriend experience I’ve ever wanted with complete intellectual, visual, physical, passionate, emotional and sexual fulfilment. I want excitement and that’s what Holly offers, every time for the past year. It continues to get better with each visit.

Treat Holly with the respect for the amazing woman that she is and you’ll be paid in spades. xxx


So I have seen Holly a few times now and each visit exceeds the previous.

The booking process is easy and she is quick to reply. She offers the “ultimate GFE” and asks you “what does that look like for you”?

Conversation, passionate foreplay and a good shag was my reply.

“perfect” was hers.

Booking made, easy street parking outside her apartment building.
She comes down to let me in, WOW, jaw dropping beautiful.
I follow her into her apartment full of nerves.
She pours a glass of wine each and we sit on the couch with her hand resting naturally on my arm, smiles and look me in the eye and I immediately relax.

Holly is such a genuine soul who just loves meeting and forming a connection with people.
We chatted and sipped wine for around 30min which is just perfect for me.
Conversation was unforced and she seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say and visa versa.
Then she lent in for a kiss and I almost melted.
This lady loves intimacy and absolutely loves to kiss.
The sex with Holly is always fun, uninhibited, passionate and mind boggling good.
She has danced for years and it shows, she has such a tight , toned body , most 18 year old would be jealous.
A peach of a bum, hard flat belly , small but perfectly formed boobs , and a beautiful genuine smile.
I have had the pleasure of a private lap dance from Holly and OMG, she knows how to move.
Every visit to this lady’s apartment is an absolute pleasure and I always leave on cloud nine.
You are her sole focus for the duration of your booking and and she loves what she does.

Yes her rates are at the high end but she has pretty wide boundaries so it’s an all exclusive “ultimate GFE” and if you are like me and like the finer things in life then you definitely get what you pay for.
Treat her with respect and it will be repaid tenfold.
I can’t say enough about Miss Holly Taylor, if it’s a genuine GFE your after the she is without a doubt 10/10.

My next visit is booked in and I’m loving the anticipation.

Dave 😊


Regular client