Welcome! This page is to simply explain all the persnickety details that you need to know or may want to know… it means that we will be on the same page when we meet especially for for new friends, lovers and industry newbies. You may ask me questions via curious cat or contact me directly. Respectful communication ensures a response. Thanks so much x

Making a booking

Please check my availability as it can vary

Monday and Tuesday 10am – 8pm

Wednesday 6-8pm

Thursday 2pm – 8pm

Friday – please check

weekends- please check

First impressions do count so to ensure that we can get off to the right start and so I know that your contact is genuine from the outset when you get in touch with me please introduce yourself with your booking details.

You can do this via the communication method most suitable to you. If I don’t answer your call, don’t leave a message please text to ask for a call back.

Note that some bookings require deposits, and cancellation fees may apply for cancelled bookings.

Booking request details

To get to know you, I ask for the following information when you make a booking. Please see the discretion section below for more information.

  • Your name
  • Your age
  • Where you are from
  • Your profession or industry.
  • When you would like meet- day and time.
  • The type of experience you are looking for.
  • Feel free to add your twitter handle, FB, Linkedin, business card etc. You may also like to tell me about yourself hobbies, interests etc as this allows me to get to know you a little before meeting. Provider references are appreciated also.

No reply:  If you have contacted me and haven’t heard back but still want to connect please reach out again. (I don’t answer messages several hours old for the sake of discretion)

Advance Bookings: Booking in advance ensures I’m available at your preferred time.

Short notice Bookings:  When opportunities to meet arise at short notice send me a quick message to check availability and introduce yourself with your booking request details.

Late Bookings: Bookings outside of scheduled hours are sometimes possible but may incur an extra fee.

Cancellations: I completely understand that sometimes things can change so please let me know immediately if you cannot make it to our meeting. Please see my cancellation policy here.

No shows are never acceptable unless you contact me in a timely manner with a genuine reason.

Please note:

Respectful communication is a must.

My phone is turned off at night please send a message stating whether you would like me to contact you the following day.

Please don’t come to our meeting high or intoxicated.


We must confirm the morning of the meeting. If discretion is needed I can contact you with a generic appointment message.

E.g. Hi John
Just confirming your appointment with……..
Today at 10am. Please text yes to confirm or no to reschedule.

I will not contact you unsolicited. If I need to cancel for an unforeseen reason I will send a similar generic message asking you to get in touch to discuss our appointment.

My private apartment is in a discrete location with plentiful on-street parking but you can also park nearby in a more public area where there are many cafes and shops.

I dress smartly and conservatively when meeting. Dresses or palazzo pants and a blouse or shirt with heels is typical. Let me know if you prefer something more casual.

I don’t respond to messages several hours old for the sake of discretion, if you still want to connect please reach out again .

You will never leave smelling of me or bearing marks from our adventure (unless you want to) Perfume is subtle behind the ear and toiletries are scent free.


When you arrive please place payment in clear view (exact amount in an envelope is the best method) Cash only.


Every intimate booking requires a shower on arrival even if you have just come from home.

Good hygiene is essential for an genuine intimate experience and there will be a selection of quality toiletries including body wash, deodorants, mouthwash as well as nail brush, clippers, files and plasters.


Time flies when we are having fun but please be a gentleman and be considerate by not overstaying unless you would like to extend our time together. I am not avid clock watcher but I will gently let you know if we are running overtime.


I don’t allow rough play on me. (eg biting, slapping)

I don’t offer Greek or anal play on me.

I offer a glass or wine or two in our booking but don’t partake in drug use or excessive drinking nor am I comfortable being around it. Intoxication on high on arrival you will likely be asked to reschedule and if you bring drugs into our booking you will be asked to leave immediately.

I always use condoms. No exceptions. See the playing safe page for more information on this.

If you engage in behaviour that makes me feel uncomfortable or fearful our session will end.

Please don’t send unsolicited nude pictures or request photos of me.

Please don’t haggle my rates.

Thank you for reading x